Set within Derbyshire countryside between Hilton and Hatton, conveniently located just a few minutes drive away from the A50 and A38, is our dog day care centre – Happy Hounds!
Offering supervised off lead play all day long, our fully secure premises offers both indoor and outdoor facilities to accommodate play, whatever the English weather.
All our of our team are passionate about dogs and their welfare, have a history of owning or working with dogs and will ensure that your beloved friend receives the utmost in love and care whilst at our centre!
Click on the icons for more info or give us a call to book your dogs’ assessment and free trial

07547 635072

We will love and care for your dog as if it were our own
Dogs will be supervised at all times
The premises will be always be safe and secure
Any daily requirements for your dog by you will be upheld, wherever possible
Your dog will have time out for rest and toileting throughout the day
Your dog will always have access to fresh clean water
We only use reward based and positive methods
Any toys we use will be dog appropriate and deemed to be safe for dog use
Your input and suggestions will always be appreciated
You will be provided with a run-down of your dogs’ day on collection or a text
for drop off’s

Please read carefully  

For the safety of yours and other owners dogs and our staff, please be honest if your dog has ever shown aggression towards other dogs or people.
Dogs showing aggression will not be allowed to attend Day Care.
However we may be able to offer training and socialisation sessions with a view to them becoming suitable for Day Care.
A free one hour session is necessary for all dogs to assess their suitability for day care.
A registration form must be completed for all dogs and signed by the owner.
Online registrations must be validated at the centre with a signature by the dog owner..
Puppies are allowed (subject to assessment) and encouraged to attend following their vaccinations.
All dogs must wear a collar or harness with I.D. attached.                                        Dogs must have regular flea and worm treatments. Dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, including kennel cough, and proof provided.
Entire dogs may be requested to be neutered subject to behaviour or their affect on the behaviour of the group
Female dogs must not attend Day Care if they are in season.